Sarracenia alata

Sarracenia hybrids

When we cross two plants from the same Sarracenia species the resulting plant will still belong to that species. In the wild Sarracenia of a single species will be cross pollinated resulting plants that look similar but are not exactly the same. When we make a cross between two plants of a single Sarracenia species in our greenhouses we can use plants from different locations to create new hybrids of greater variety.

Sarracenia alata hybrids grow list

  • S. alata - Giant, green, very pubescent - White's Crossing, Stone County, Mississippi - PW A04 x self
  • S. alata - Red/Purple - Stone County, Mississippi - ipSA16d x self
  • S. alata var. nigrapurpurea - very black pubescent pitchers - MK A60 x self
  • S. alata - Near Ocean City, across rd from Gracelands Church - x self
  • S. alata - DeSoto, Mississippi x alata - Black Tube, pubescent - DeSoto, Mississippi - ipA15g x ipA09
  • S. alata - Red throat - Perry County, Mississippi x alata - Black tube, pubescent - DeSoto, Mississippi - ipA27 x ipA09
  • S. alata - Red lid, heavy veins - Perry County, Mississippi - PW A19 x self
  • S. alata - Pipeline, Rayburn County, Texas - MK A24 x self
  • S. alata - 'Night' x red sibling
  • S. alata - 'Night' - Andrea Amici x self
  • S. alata var. rubrioperculata MKA5 x alata var. rubrioperculata MSA3C
  • S. alata var. ornata - MSA3C x alata var. rubrioperculata - MKA28
  • S. alata - Black Tube, Pubescent, SA07, DeSoto, National Forest x self
  • S. alata - Black Tube, SA08, Desoto, ex. J. Newman x self
  • S. alata - Black Tube, sculpted lid x self
  • S. alata - Giant, almost black, very pubescent, White‘s crossing, Stone County, WS x self
  • S. alata - Purple Throat Giant, up to 1m x self
  • S. alata - bulbous red lid - MK A20 x self
  • S. alata - Dutch Super - A. Fisch x self
  • S. alata - Perry County - red throat, red lid - A19 x self
  • S. alata - heavy veined - Hill Tops, Texas - MK A16 x self
  • S. alata var. heterophylla - Washington County x self
  • S. alata - Giant - Reading University - MK A48 x self
  • S. alata - Deep maroon throat - ex. Welham x self
  • S. alata - Desoto - selected black hooded form x self
  • S. alata - heavy veined, red thorat x self
  • S. alata - Giant red pitchers - Stone County - MK A46 x self
  • S. alata - Yellow bulbous tube x self